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Mission & Vision

In 1990, this company started its work for producing restaurants straws. By the time we expanded our career by the best machinery of South Korea and Taiwan for producing different kind of straws for all users and a wide variety of other service industries.

Why Choose Asannoosh straws?
• The first and oldest straw producer in Iran
• The first hygienic straw producer in Iran
• The biggest drinking straw producing factory in The Middle East
• The only exporter of drinking straw to Europe and the Middle East (acquisition of global standards)
• Producer of 5 color straws in Iran

Our Story

We proud of producing a product that is worth of dignity and tastes of the great nation of Iran as well as acceptance of European and Middle Eastern consumers.
The aim of this company is the quantitative and qualitative development of products, entrepreneurship and recruitment of specialized human resources and the use of advanced technologies for the production from biodegradable materials for environmental protection, in which important steps have been taken.

Patent our brand as the first and biggest hygienic drinking straw producer company in Iran. Maintaining public health, sanitary and social responsibilities have been some of the duties and obligations of the company by installing the best disinfectant systems in the production line, using best food grade materials with control of our laboratory and QC units.

We are the first drinking straw producer company in Iran which succeed to gain a license from the Ministry of Health. Compliance with the manufacturing and product practices is in accordance with the Ministry of Health's standards and health care. All stages of production from the procurement of raw materials, production and packaging are strictly under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Nowadays, the most modern automatic machines are used in production line for producing and packaging various type of straws such as: drinking straws, tetra pack and duy pack straws, and hot chocolate and ice pack straws.

Today, with a production capacity of 3000 tons per year, with numerous modern machines, it is able to produce different type of straws in Iran, and in addition to providing domestic needs, part of regional and European needs are also provided.

Our production is consist of: Drinking Straws, Tetra pack straw, duy pack straw, Juice straw, Colossal straw, Giant straw, super jumbo straw, school milk straw, bendable(flexible ) straw, candy straw, cereal straw, Starbucks straw, McDonalds straw, artistic straw, laboratory straw, bulk straw, fantasy straw, industrial straw, yogurt water straw.

Be ready for Enjoying Your drink

As a leading US manufacturer of small-size cylindrical tubing solutions, Precision Products Group (PPG) was asked to create a straw that was more environmentally friendly.
The answer was in their archives: Marvin Stone’s original 1888 patent for the first paper straw.