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Mission & Vision

We are proud to produce a product that suits their tastes great nation of Iran. We wish to honor the day that we can not lose.
Our differentiation from other competitors:

  • The first and oldest manufacturer of reed beds in Iran
  • The first sanitary pipe manufacturer in Iran
  • The largest production plant in Iran
  • The largest exporter of straw
  • Reed's first manufacturer of heating and 5 colors

Our History

Our company started its activities 69 years with the production of drinking straw and then inserting the straw production of folding machines from South Korea and Taiwan in their name as the first manufacturer of reed beds), accordion (in Iran to register . Since the preservation of public health and one of his duties knew from the beginning the use of technologies in the production of straw with high costs and install the best systems of disinfectant and microbial enumeration in the production process and the use of best Raw materials used in food systems Food Grade and exploitation of biological and chemical laboratories to ensure product safety as the first production plant in Iran straws, obtained the production license from the Ministry of Health which indicates compliance with the standards of production and product and the sanitary standards accepted by the Ministry of Health.

Be ready for Enjoying Your drink

As a leading US manufacturer of small-size cylindrical tubing solutions, Precision Products Group (PPG) was asked to create a straw that was more environmentally friendly.
The answer was in their archives: Marvin Stone’s original 1888 patent for the first paper straw.